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GTSAO204 - Alro Wi-Fi Outdoor and Indoor Camera Installation Package

Product Description:

This package includes material and installation for complete set up to view on your phone and or monitoring if currently subscribing to our eligible Monitoring Services.

Arlo cameras are the ONLY 100% Wire-Free, completely wireless, HD smart home security cameras on the market – so you can get exactly the shot you need – inside or out. Cameras are weatherproof and include motion detection, night vision, and FREE apps. Cameras capture clips and send you alerts whether you’re at home or away for round-the-clock peace of mind. If subscribed to applicable  Monitoring Services, it will include alarm monitoring based on alarm triggering event will send images to dispatch station and images will be readily available to share with police.  

This Package includes:

1 Indoor/Outdoor Camera




Service & Maintenance Plan-2 Yrs

1 Year Cloud Subscriptions.


100% WIRE-FREE:  The ONLY cameras free of ugly cords and wiring hassles

WEATHERPROOF:  Applicable anywhere—indoors or outdoors.

NIGHT VISION:  See what’s happening even in the dark.

A Netgear product, known for reliability and exceptional quality with all their products.


VIDEO:  HD resolution; Night vision 850 nm LEDs: illuminates up to 25 ft.

MOTION:  Detection adjustable up to 15 ft.

BATTERY:  4 to 6 month battery life.  Installation Packages includes Maintenance Plan which includes replacement of the battery for up to 2 years.  Just call us and we will come out to replace the battery.  If you subscribe to monitoring services, we can base on your request set up an alert to alert us via email the battery life status so we can schedule your battery replacement before the battery life goes to prevent interruptions in your cameras service. 

WEATHERPROOF:  14 F to 122 F operating temperature; IP65 waterproof.

DIMENSIONS:  2.8 in. x 1.7 in. x 2.6 in.

REQUIREMENTS:  High speed internet connection, minimum 1 Mbps upstream, available port on router, iOS or Android mobile device

Price in USD :